American Airlines is our U.S. carrier of choice for
                                             flight to Port au Prince.  You can also find other service,
                                             but if you do book travel with another airline, be certain
                                             your flight times will not incur delays for the group.


We meet in Miami the morning of departure and arrive in Port-Au-Prince
(PAP) as a group.. Arriving in Port au Prince is the first leg of the trip;
we must also make our way to Jacmel by charter flight and then to LaVallee
by auto. How we pack, dress and travel together are extremely important.


We leave Port-Au-Prince in the afternoon. If you must use a different
airline please do not book a morning flight.

Exact flight information is made available to confirmed volunteers,
or  you may
contact AHDH for more information.
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Miami, FL
New York, NY
Port au Prince, Haiti
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