Since its founding, AHDH has enjoyed the help of more than 226
volunteers and that number increases each medical mission.
AHDH Health & Cultural Projects
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Volunteers & CODEVA Members
June 2006   
On the domestic health front, we organize health fairs in New Orleans,
and channel our fellows in need through the US health care system.
In Haiti, since the late 80s, we joined forces with a very well structured Haitian
Non-Governmental Organization (NGO),
CODEVA (Coude-a-Coude pour le
Dévelopement Valleen), and with its U.S. based sister organization,
Fraternite Valleenne.
From June of 1977 to July of 1980  
CODEVA engineers and the people of
LaVallee built St. Joseph Dispensary
Hospital, which is community owned
and operated.
One of the goals of AHDH and CODEVA is the modernization and
expansion of St. Joseph's into a Medical Center to serve the more   
than 40,000 inhabitants of the county of LaVallee which it serves.

Our medical mission in Haiti is today expanding by leaps and bounds.
The importance of St. Joseph Hospital and its staff and volunteers to  
the people of LaVallee has increased tremendously since the
earthquake in January 2010 and Cholera in the Fall.

With the "repatriation" of Valleens from Port-Au-Prince seeking
medical care in a more structured hospital environment, St. Joseph is
on its way to Medical Center status, and we must be prepared.
AHDH sponsors Elementary Education in the Port au Prince area
(Petits Freres de Ste. Terese)  and English Language for High School  
students in La Vallee, Haiti.

AHDH  sponsors a work study program for  Nurse Aide students in
La Vallee. Numerous small donations have made a world of difference
helping these students continue their education. They are the future
of health care for thousands of Haitians in the communities they serve.

Ultrasound is the first imaging technology to be taught at St. Joseph
Hospital. Ultrasound is vital to developing an Obstetric service in this
area of Haiti and to reducing fetal and maternal mortality.
English in High School
La Vallee, Haiti
Petits Freres de Ste Therese
Education In Port au Prince, Haiti
Nurse Aide Class 2008
La Vallee, Haiti
Ultrasound Students
La Vallee, Haiti
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Flag day on May 18th, is celebrated with mass, Haitian artists, and
Haitian American scholars speak on the extraordinary Haiti-Louisiana
connection like Haiti's contribution to the Louisiana Purchase in 1803.
On the cultural front, in Louisiana AHDH commemorates most
of the important Haitian historic dates and holidays.

We celebrate Haitian Independence Day each January first
and our bicentennial anniversary was on January 1, 2004.
Bois-Caiman Bicentennial Celebration
Cultural Fair for Children
New Orleans
Do all the good you can
Every way you can
Until you cannot anymore
For as many people as you can
Everywhere you can
Every time you can
CODEVA's Founding Philosophy