Volunteers are the lifeline of AHDH's projects in Haiti.
They provide an invaluable service to the people of La Vallee de Jacmel.
Our ressources are extremely limited.  Our volunteers assume the entire cost of the mission.  
AHDH provides a letter for students to help find sponsors to defray the cost of the trip which is
tax deductible because AHDH is a 501(c)3 organization.

The total cost runs from $1600 - $1700 USD a week depending on airfare.  This includes a
mission support fee (supplies, food, cooks, fuel, etc.), airfare to and from the US, airfare
between Port au Prince and Jacmel, transportation to La Vallee, hotel stay and meals for the
week. Budget a little extra for personal expenses and souvenirs.
Our mission trips take place three times a year:
Summer, Fall and Winter. They usually last 2 weeks.
The whole first week is devoted
to general surgery,
AHDH Volunteers
Our group usually consists of physicians,
engineers, electricians, nurses, educators,
college students, medical students,
businessmen,  businesswomen, lawyers,
ultrasonographers, entertainers...
really anyone willing to contribute something is welcome...there is work for everyone
We work very hard and long hours at the Hopital St Joseph in Ridore.
This is a small hospital built by the people of La Vallee that AHDH in
collaboration with the local organization, CODEVA
has been helping expand the past 25 years.
We see hundreds of patients from all the surrounding areas.
clinics: medicine,  
eye surgery,
gynecological surgery,
June 2006
and others, depending upon the
specialties of our volunteers