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Hi All:                                                                                                           

As most of you knew, your AHDH was invited to be honored at the
Delta Sigma Theta
"Founders"  98th celebration

AHDH received an extraordinary injection of support: More than 300 attendees showed
their strongest support to our cause. Two names to recognize from those more than 300:

Monique Cola, PhD, from Tulane Neurology Dept. who contacted us a couple of
weeks ago and shared with us DST's desire to join our efforts by adding a potable
drinking water component to our projects.

Hence, you can see Jean-Marie and me holding those symbolic
bottles of drinking water, which were given to each participant,
as they were all together making donation to AHDH.

Ms. Tracey L. Braden, a manager, and sorority member

She made a passionate presentation of AHDH, around the
story of little Yuri who had a perforated bowel secondary
to typhoid last July,

                                                    and our motto, adopted from the Elders of CODEVA:
 "Fe tout byen ou kapab" that I had to restain my
                                                    tears, like if it were the first time I heard of it.
                                                    I imagine how it must have touched the others

People gathered  around for photos with us and Mrs. Fudge,
the congresswoman from Ohio and keynote speaker, and our
own Cedric Richmond.

Jean-Marie is definitely a go-getter who had no intention of forgetting the main reason for
us being there: $1,700 plus were raised and, even before we had the tally, a promise was
made by the local chapter to match whatever was collected. This makes $3,400
earmarked for drinking water initiative.

As most of you remember, we have solicited ideas for the use of that money and we're
still looking for more ideas.

We need to make the strongest mention of Anika and Zishan Michael (who are on their
way back to Haiti  with our 51st Mission) who so expeditiously put together the pamphlet
for the occasion,from which we extracted also some flyers.

Future leaders of AHDH, we are ready to turn the torch to you: You dedication is beyond
praise. A good day well spent, Jean-Marie, in your teaching company. You just keep
overdoing your record.

But again...we may have to keep on our running shoes. Yesterday, after sharing with my
church members the above narrated blessing, a visiting preacher approached us to invite
us to the Phi Beta Sigma fraternity celebration on Feb. 19, (time pending) which will be a
week before our Winter 2011 trip, in Baton Rouge. They want to outdo the sorority.

Any other volunteer besides Jean-Marie? as I will certainly be there.