Hi everyone!

                Back by popular demand

     The AHDH Mission Photo Book!

    It's a beautiful coffee table-like photo album filled with photos of our
    mission.  It will serve as a nice memory of our trip for you to show to
    your friends and family.  Last year's book was a great success and the
    proceeds made it possible for us to have an AC in the recovery room.  
    This year we hope to use our proceeds to buy a portable air conditioner
    for the dental clinic and ceiling fans for the clinics.

Hi everyone!

Our photobook came last month and Ritha did an amazing job!  Although we raised quite
a bit of money, we haven't yet achieved our goal of getting an AC for dental clinic, but
we were able to get one for the storage room.  There have been a few last minute orders
that have come in these past few weeks, making me believe that some people probably
wanted the book, but just forgot to actually order one.

So if you're one of those, please send your tax-deductible check for $65, payable to
AHDH, to      Charles Rene, MD
                    149 West Lakeview Dr.
                    La Place, LA 70068

And if you would be so kind to also
email me to tell me that you're ordering one and include
your shipping address.  

It would make my life easier if you could send the check by October 15th, so I can order
them all at once.  But if you want to order one after the 15th, that's OK too.

You won't regret it.  It's a great way to donate to AHDH and at the same time have a
wonderful memento of our mission.