AHDH Missions 2012

 "Our 53rd Medical/Educational Mission in Haiti,   February 17 to  March 4, 2012,  
 was an extraordinarily blessed and  successful mission for so many reasons: First of all:

Our extraordinarily dedicated  Volunteers:

Imagine  40  volunteers from the  US  and  Canada,  joined  by  the
same desire to make a difference  in the lives  of the  population of
that most grateful community of  LaVallee  de Jacmel, and beyond

you can imagine ... "

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                      54th Mission: It was simply the largest ever
                                 June 22, 2012, - July 8 , 2012
   48 visiting volunteers and members from the US and Canada joined
   by  15 local colleagues – an extraordinary reflection of that much
   needed and, thanks God, expanding solidarity between the Haitian
   diaspora and our US and Canadian friends, and our colleagues
   practicing in Haiti -
                                                    Real people doing almost sur- real works in HIS field

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