AHDH Missions - 2010
Saturday  morning  January 23,  2010
began  its journey to LaVallee and the
Hospital St. Joseph
CODEVA to begin
medical care for earthquake survivors
in  the  Jacmel  and   La Vallee  areas.

                        St. Joseph  Hospital  was intact  but due to
                        continuing aftershocks, care  was provided
                        outdoors and patients were housed in tents.
                        Attention  quickly shifted from La Vallee to
                        Cays - Jacmel to  help our  mission partner
                        Dr  Louis  Philippe  at   the   CME   center.

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AHDH February 2010
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AHDH In Haiti
The February, 2010 Earthquake Mission to La Vallee and Jacmel Areas
Barge From New Orleans Carries Relief to Jacmel Area
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AHDH is back from its 2nd Wave Response to the Haiti Earthquake:
Our Barge brought us 10 truckloads of Supplies and Equipment
49th AHDH Mission
November 12th through 28th, 2010
Eight volunteers departed Miami for Port au Prince,the flight to Jacmel
and the ride to Ridore, full of anticipation. What changes had occurred?
Would we find cholera patients in Ridore? How were our Haitian friends?
We soon made our way across the still flooded
river (Hurricane Tomas) and up the road to
La Vallee where we were joined by Dr. Philippe,
three nurses from the Leogane FSIL nursing
school and the St. Joseph Hospital staff