AHDH MISSIONS

Welcome to the diary of AHDH Medical Missions. AHDH was  founded in November 1986 by a group of Haitians in New Orleans, Louisiana,
 committed to pool their professional, intellectual, economic and cultural  resources in order to promote the welfare of Haitians in Haiti and in Louisiana.

 In Haiti, since the late 80s, one of our goals is the modernization and expansion of St. Joseph Hospital  into a Medical Center to serve the more than
 40,000 inhabitants of the county of LaVallee which it serves.

 Our medical mission in Haiti is today expanding by leaps and bounds. The importance of St. Joseph Hospital and its staff and volunteers to the people
 of LaVallee has increased tremendously since the earthquake in January 2010 and Cholera in the  Fall.

 With the "repatriation" of Valleens from Port-Au-Prince seeking medical care in a more structured hospital environment,  St. Joseph is on its way to
 Medical Center status, and we must be prepared.

 These missions bring much needed health care to the people of  LaVallee, but they also provide essential  clinical and surgical experience and education
 in many specialties for the staff of hospital physicians, nurses, aids and technicians.

 If you would like more information about our missions and other works in Haiti, or to participate, please contact our Coordinator of Volunteers,
Dr. Nicole Michael
AHDH Missions 2013
February 2013 - 56th Mission Report - February 28, 2013

Dear Members, Volunteers, Friends of AHDH, and Haiti:

On behalf of the Executive Committee of AHDH, Inc., please, allow me to share with you our mission report on AHDH’s
Winter 2013 Medical & Educational Mission
, our 56th since 1986, which took place from February 1 -  February 17, 2013.

2013! A brand new year! And already started on the best footing! Making a difference, no matter how small, in quite a few lives,
while, as some say, expanding our Karma.

21 volunteers flying from different parts of the US (MA, NY, MD, OH, TX, LA), joined by 5 local practitioners, (Did
you read
Efficient Solidarity?) and numbers of RN students, attended the medical and educational needs of our less fortunate

What a privilege to report on this other extraordinarily blessed mission, when you happen to be a front seat witness to so much
goodness – witnessing  
“Real people doing almost sur-real works in HIS field”, as we mentioned in our July 2012 report!

Such an elation, to be in the company of members and volunteers embarked, mind and soul, in doing extraordinary acts of agape,
solidarity and hope-building.

Here they are: Mission Accomplished!