Dear Friends         
 I was somewhat apprehensive during the interview this morning about my memoirs
                            Voodoo In My Blood: A Healer's Journey from Surgeon to Shaman on the
San Diego Living program on XETV Channel 6. It has been such a long time that  
                            I have been on live TV!  
                            Fortunately, it went very well and the outcome could not have been any better if I had
                            planned it!  One of the many blessings to go on my gratitude list.

   Christmas and a New Year are upon us, and I know that it has been a hard time\ for many lately.
   Regardless of where you are in your life, take some time to write down what you are grateful about.
 Here is the link   ......   Watch It Now!
                                                           Love and blessing,  Dr. Carolle

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