*    AHDH is a charitable 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in November 1986 by Haitian professionals in
     New Orleans, Louisiana.  Under the United States Internal Revenue Code, AHDH is eligible to receive tax
     deductible charitable contributions.

*    100% of donations of money, equipment or services to AHDH are dedicated to accomplishing our mission.
     There are no administrative expenses, as the organization is completely volunteer

*    Since 1986, AHDH has been leading medical expeditions to the rural county (Commune) of La Vallee de Jacmel
     in the mountains of southeast Haiti in support of St. Joseph Hospital. AHDH has enlisted over 200 medical and
     non-medical individuals who have traveled to Haiti or worked in the USA or other countries to support our missions.

You may help AHDH with your tax deductible donation by two methods.  You will know that your contribution is going
directly to the Haitian people where you intend it, in the hands of an experienced, honest and effective organization
with volunteers in place for over 25 years.



              P.O. Box 2883
              La Place, LA  70069

If available, take advantage of your Employer's charitable donation matching program to double your donation to AHDH.  
Many employers match employee contributions to charities dollar for dollar. Contact your Human Resources Department.

If you have equipment or services to offer, or wish to contact us, or become a volunteer please send email to

Please keep Haiti and our Haitian brethren in your prayers. Thank you for your support!

For the Executive Committee of AHDH
Charles Rene, MD, Treasurer

P.S. Please forward the website to your family and friends and enlist their support in this worthy cause.
AHDH In Haiti
Medical, Educational & Cultural  Missions
Association  Haitienne  de  Développement  Humain, Inc.
(Haitian  Association for Human Development,  AHDH )
needs your help t
o raise funds to develop Hospital St. Joseph
as a medical center to serve the 40,000 residents of LaVallee,
maintain a full-time MD, educate a local nursing staff and  
assist in other parterships and projects in other areas of Haiti.
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Please make your tax-deductible donation directly
by  sending  your  check  payable to AHDH,  Inc.
All  of your contribution  goes directly  to support
projects benefiting the Haitian people.  If you are
supporting a particular project, please let us know.
You may  use  a PayPal card or a  credit card
using the secure  PayPal services.   If you are
donating in support of a particular project, you
may indicate this in a comment at checkout.