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Ms. Tracey L. Braden

Dear Friends:

On behalf of the Association Haitienne de Development Humain (AHDH), I would like to thank
Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. for their generous contribution.

The January 12, 2010 earthquake began a year of unimaginable suffering for Haiti and
extraordinary challenges for the Haitian community of LaValee de Jacmel.

With support from people like you, we will move staff and supplies quickly to the areas of greatest
need, saving tens of thousands of lives.

But our job is far from finished. As the recent cholera outbreak has shown, the recovery in Haiti
remains fragile -- there is still so much more that we need to do.

Making quality health care available in the world's poorest communities requires a global
movement. That means we partner with all our generous supporters and especially with sister
organizations like Delta Sigma Theta.

Together we are building a world where every person can feel a genuine sense of belonging, every
child can enjoy equal opportunity, and our common humanity matters more than our differences.

I am more hopeful than ever that we can continue to have an impact on the problems facing Haiti
with smart, low-cost, sustainable solutions. I have repeatedly felt gratified supporting this critical
work, and I believe that you do, too. Can you imagine how it must feel to know you've helped
improve the lives of thousands as an AHDH supporter?          

From everyone at The Association Haitienne de Development Humain (AHDH), we thank you for
your support.


Jean. Marie. Desrosiers